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Windows Media Player (WMP) Won’t Open – This may fix it.

by | Feb 17, 2017 | tech | 0 comments

WMP won't openI ran into a problem today I’ve never encountered. Usually when a program isn’t working, I can open the task manager, close the program, and then usually get it to open again.  This didn’t work today. I have had my version of windows installed so long and have so many programs, that it takes a long time to reboot (which is what you do when you can’t figure something out).

So before rebooting, I exited every program I had running, and went back into task manager and found a program I didn’t recognize called “Default IME“.  I looked it up.  I still don’t know what this really does (my attention span…).  Don’t really care at the moment, although I probably should being that there was some chatter on the internet that it could be a Trojan.

At any rate, I gathered that my house probably would not explode if I closed the program out, so I did and it fixed my problem; Windows Media Player (WMP) opened back up. If you run into this same behavior, here is how you may be able to fix it without a reboot.   In windows, open your task manager by clicking control (ctrl), alt, delete, and then end the process called “Default IME“.   Your WMP should now open up as it always did.

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