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My name is Jody Heath.  I’m the “guy” in the photo.  I have two jobs at the moment.  I work full time as a registered ER/ICU nurse. I also work part time as a marketer utilizing blogging, systems, internet offers, and various wealth building instruments, thereof. jodyheath-com-about-page


Internet marketing is just a fancy name for someone who get’s people to click on his or her links containing some simple code that earns him or her a commission. Internet marketers are essentially middle-men.


I have been involved as this middle-man of sorts since 2012. During that time, I have generated around $80,000 in revenue but the advertising costs were huge. I’m not happy with that amount. The dream of any affiliate marketer is to find that one product where you can consistently invest $1 and earn $2 on the back end; and then scale like crazy. I have yet to find that consistency.


From 1012 to 2018, I dabbled in net work marketing (no I never dealt with pyramids), participated in some membership programs, one of them a top tier offer where the investment could reach as high as $100,000.  The advertising investment is phenomenal to reach that sort of a buy in.


The barrier to entry for these top tier programs is just too great. And there is also the ethical component.  Sure, there are people who will use these top tier offers to change their lives and turn huge profits. But there will also be other people who will invest more than they should have, and will pay a huge price for a tiny return. Yes, people are adults and risks in business are a given; but when you’re dealing with digital products and membership sites, the middle man is the first to be blamed when someone feels they were taken advantage.


I encourage people to be wary of any company that portrays itself as an education company.  There are some good online education companies out there; however, If they are more interested in having you promote their company or membership as opposed to their products, run. From this point forward (July, 2018), I am getting away from top tier offers and will focus on volume and value.  I’ll be dealing strictly in physical products (eCommerce), penny stocks, options, and possibly crypto currency.

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