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Welcome to Our Lotto Pool

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Welcome to Our Lotto Pool

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Hello Everyone, Thanks for visiting my website and your interest in our lottery pool. I am organizing an ongoing Mega-millions lottery pool. We will play two times per week. You may play one time, or two times, per week, or no times per week. You are only eligible for a payout if you have prior winnings carried over or add additional funds for said drawing.

***There are no assumptions that you “are in” on a rolling basis unless you have prior winnings carried over
from the previous drawing or add additional funds prior to the deadline for the very next drawing. This is not an equal stakes lotto. Your share of any winnings is directly proportion to your share of the buy-in (prior winnings + new buy-in)

Here is how to Play:

  1. ***(STEP ONE)*** Join the mailing list for notifications
  2. ***(STEP TWO)*** Read, electronically sign, and submit the agreement (click here).
  3. ***(STEP THREE)*** Pay $2 for every ticket you want purchased; to safeguard everyone’s interest in this process, no cash accepted (See acceptable methods of electronic Payment).
    • Mega millions lottery tickets are $2 each.
    • The pool manager will personally, pick up all the tickets, in one purchase and provide you a copy of all the tickets.
    • Cut-off times will be posted by will generally be on the day before the drawing.
    • At pool manager’s discretion, cut-off times may be shortened or extended.
    • The number of tickets purchased by an individual will be exactly proportional to said person’s share of any winnings.  I.e., One ticket equals exactly one share of the pool. If you bought two tickets and there are a total of ten tickets in the pool, then you own 2 shares or 20% of the potential payout.
  4. ***(STEP FOUR)***Verify that you are in the pool. I will be keeping a spread sheet of each lottery pool we enter.
    • You can view it here in the Lotto Pool Google Sheets (note the date at the bottom left corner and you can toggle between the current or previous pool drawings).
    • At this time, all this is a manual process. While I’ve automated most of the calculations, I have to manually enter people and then amount of tickets they purchased. From the time you submit payment, allow for some lag time; however, if you don’t see your name listed in the spread sheet and we’re getting close to the drawing, by all means, text me so we can fix it.  If you notice I have clicked the “like” button on your Venmo payment, it means I have also placed you on the spreadsheet.
    • Google sheets are best viewed on desktop or laptop devices.  Google sheets works best in the Google Chrome desktop/laptop browser, followed by Firefox, and then followed by Explorer (clunky). I haven’t tested in safari desktop browser.
    • If you are in a pinch, and the spreadsheet isn’t working in your mobile browser, you can use the smartphone/tablet app for Google Sheets: (Apple Store or Google Play)
  5. It’s common knowledge that Lottery winnings are taxable income; you may be surprised to learn, however, that any lottery ticket losses are tax deductible in CA. I will provide you a digital copy, here, of every ticket in the pool as well as the receipt for the purchase. The CA Lottery has a free app which you can use to scan your tickets; however, this function does not work until the morning after the drawing.  Here is the CA Lottery App Links (Apple Store or Google Play). Here are some tutorials on using the app.

Additional Information:

Regarding the “How to Win the Lottery” book promotion, below.  It may be a little woo woo and silly, but it may be worth a listen just for the mindset alone (I recommend the audible version)…. plus, Lauren demanded at least one affiliate product placement:)!  Update: I’ve added a few more audiobook recs: “The Secret” should go hand in hand with “How to Win the Lottery”.  And for anyone who is wanting to improve their financial situation, “Think and Grow Rich” is indispensable and one of the most widely acclaimed books on success ever published.

To join this pool, basically, you have to know someone in the pool.  If you are not sure that you know someone in the pool, use my contact link above and message me via the contact form to verify you are eligible for this pool; however, if I work with you, you are definitely qualified for this pool.

To your success,

Jody Heath


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