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How to Make a Successful Blog and Rank Your Content in Google

by | Oct 14, 2016 | SEO | 0 comments

1.  Be Visible in the Search Engines, and They (readers) Will Come:

Knowing how to make a successful blog involves many factors, most of which, anyone can handle.  But what matters the most and what most get wrong, comes down to one thing, being seen.  Make no mistake, the rate limiting step in this equation is and always will be, your ability to rank your content in the search engines.  You can write the best content in the world, worthy of, no less, a Nobel Prize.  But if no one sees it, does it really matter?  Not really.  It goes back to that same philosophical question.  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it really even make a sound?

2.  Make Sure You are Heard!  Here is how to make a successful blog: Just Optimize Your Keywords!

So how do we fix this problem of being seen?  I am going to show you how to make a successful blog.  You have to get the 2016-10-14_18-12-08 being seen part handled, before you ever write your blog post.  Sure, you might get lucky writing content, blogging, and get this discovered by the search engines.  But without a well-planned SEO strategy, you are really just rolling the dice.

3. So what is the solution to how to make a successful blog?

Search engine optimization is the solution. There are many tools out there to help you find out which keywords you are capable of ranking on the first page of Google with.  It’s the best tools, however, that teach you to go for the low hanging fruit, and here’s why. Would you rather go for something that has a huge search volume, tons of competition, but you only have a one in a million chance of ranking for it?  Or, would you rather go for a less competitive search term and have a much greater chance of ranking for it?  By doing that, you can, within a reasonable level of certainty, assure you will get reader’s eyes on your content, and those readers can be extremely targeted.  A targeted audience is the key.  You see, the most important thing is not that you just get tons of visitors to your blog.  You need to get the “right kind of visitors” to your blog, or it just doesn’t even matter they’re there.

4. This is the SEO Keyword Tool I Use to Find Relevant Keywords I am able to Rank for:

The tool I use to achieve this is a Long Tail Pro Platinum (try it 10 days for $1.00). I also have Long Tail University which gives you a thorough education in keyword research. If you get an annual Platinum plan, you get the Long Tail University for free.  I have several articles out there that regularly make from $75 to $130 per month per article.  Indirectly, those articles have helped me make some bigger sales, even one client that yielded a $15,000 commission.  Even without the huge commissions, how would you like to have about 200 articles, each making you $100 a month? That equals $20,000 per month.



5. Why Not Make Your “Passion” also Make You Money Online? Most successful people do it:

So let’s sum it up.  If blogging is just a hobby, then by all means just make up some random titles, random keywords, and random URLs, and do whatever randomly makes you happy.  But if you have any aspirations of actually making a living with your blog, and you want to know how to make a successful blog, here is the key.  You need to spend as much time (or maybe more) researching what you’re going to write about, as the time you spend actually writing the content.  For this, I recommend Long Tail Pro Platinum because there is nothing better, faster, and easier to use, with an affordable price point that just makes sense.  And If you need help learning how to monetize your blog posts, download my free e-book and then get in touch with me and let’s talk.  I look forward to helping you learn how to make a successful blog.

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