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To Grow & Scale Your Business, Find what is Broken

by | Jul 9, 2017 | income | 0 comments

Get your Business Growth out of its Rut

New customer and lead acquisition techniques are always changing.  Are you stuck on one particular strategy for acquiring traffic to your scale-154924_640 (inpost) 2blog, internet based, or offline business?  Well, since online sales are directly proportional, often, to the overall growth of your company, you really must know your numbers. Only then, will you fully understand what may be right or wrong about your business so you can properly scale.

I will cover some points to help you supercharge of your business.  Strongly consider these bullet points to help you get rid of counterproductive practices and adopt some new productive practices to inject a strong stimulus into your marketing approach. Don’t forget the 80/20 rule (In reality, it’s more like 95/5).

If you’re stuck, contact me and let’s talk about your strategy. Often, you don’t need to re-invent your whole marketing strategy. Sometimes it’s just one or two minor changes and you’ll be off the floor running.

You Have to Define your Audience and Avatar

If you don’t have a strong footprint and presence, you will not be able to create substantial internet traffic. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by guest blogging on authority sites. This type of authorship paints you as the go to expert and will surely get some eyes on your blog. Yes, the idea of guest blogging is to ethically borrow or steal some of your target authority site’s readers; they know that. Preferably, target a site which has readers who are buyers in your niche.

You Must Remember to be You and be Human!

Yes, you may have a lot of knowledge, but present that persona with your humility and humanity intact.  People still have to be able to relate to you. If you can strike the perfect balance of being personal versus knowledge sharing, you will be unstoppable.

Don’t Fall into the Viral Social Media Marketing Trap

The allure of “free” advertising can be quite the temptation.  Don’t get hooked.  Yes, there is a place for free advertising on social media.  And yes, it can bring in some business; but just because it went viral once, doesn’t mean it will again or that it is in any way, shape, or form, scalable.  Remember this: the only advertising that has unlimited scalability is paid traffic.

You be You and I’ll be Me (originality is key)

Model yourself after the best. Align yourself with proven success stories. But don’t be an exact duplicate because people can always sniff out an imposter. You may waste valuable time duplicating an image which is not really even the real secret sauce. So be original but provide value. Do these things, and your business will be overflowing with leads that convert.

Don’t Get Stagnant (Keep your Marketing Strategies Current)

Are your methods and advert practices outdated? Advertising is a very dynamic process. What worked last year may not work today. Hell, what even worked last week may not still work today. Spy on your competitors. Spy on your idols. Pay attention to what strategies they are using and then incorporate and test those same strategies into your own marketing philosophy.

Stand Out from your Competition

Marketing is a battle.  But it is a battle resembling more of a marathon versus a sprint. While there are many competitors, you must make a name and a place for yourself. The market will make room for you but you have to insist on it. Be cognizant that what you are doing which truly makes you stand out against the competition. Make sure what you are doing is attracting your target audience and not random interests who don’t convert.

Don’t be a Sucker

Now that you are focused on finding the right strategy, you must not get lost in the enormous sea of shiny objects. Test your new strategies and optimize. Keep the ones that work and throw out the ones that don’t (or are not scalable).

You Fixed your Traffic.  Did you Fix your Offer?

People get addicted to, both, their offers and their struggles. They sink countless time and money into them. They just get overly attached (it’s human nature). They think it’s always about the traffic. Well guess what? Sometimes it’s really just about the offer. Sometimes your offer just doesn’t convert. And sometimes it just doesn’t convert enough. Sometimes it just doesn’t convert big enough. What does that mean?  Well, i.e., my core offer pay’s me commissions of $1,250, $3,500, $5,500, and $10,000. In other words, one big sale can pay me a massive total of $20,000. It is simply more efficient to make fewer, high ticket sales than to make high volume sales on something that pays very little.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to your failures. Learn from your failures but don’t dwell on them. Take your failures and either trash them, or modify them into successes. Know what your path is and where you want to take your organization. Never get comfortable and always focus on the next goal and the next level. Keep these things in mind and you cannot fail.

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